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Training Highlights – 8.29.12 – Max Effort Lower

No training highlights last week since I was deloading and there was nothing exciting about that. Deloads are boring but they’re important and incredibly effective. This blog post by Tony Gentilcore teaches us what they are and why they’re awesome.

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Training Log – 8.18.12 – Rep Effort Upper

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I traveled back to my home state of Vermont for my girlfriend’s brother’s wedding last weekend, and my work schedule the previous week hadn’t allowed me to get out to Xceleration. I always do

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Training Log – 8.16.12 – Max Effort Lower (and How Not to Deadlift)

A couple crazy days of work and even crazier days of amazing live heavy metal music meant an extra day in between training sessions. In case you didn’t know, my name is Tony Bonvechio, and I’m addicted to live music.

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In Defense of Lolo Jones and a Challenge to Gutless Journalists

I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to be a journalist for a living. I swore I wouldn’t use this blog to rant (at least not right away) about non-strength and conditioning issues, but a few things frustrated

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Training Log – 8.13.12 – Max Effort Upper

A training journal is one of the most useful tools on the planet for an athlete. Writing down not just sets and reps, but notes about those reps (such as Rate of Perceived Exertion or something as simple as “my

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10 Tips for Cranky Elbows, Part 2

In the first half of this post, we talked about five ways to avoid or minimize elbow pain in a strength training program. Wrist straps, thick bars, forearm exercises, gymnast rings and good pressing technique can all help with elbow

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10 Tips for Cranky Elbows, Part 1

I was pretty lucky during my college baseball career that I never suffered any of the “traditional” baseball injuries (rotator cuff, labrum, UCL, etc.). Minus a strained oblique during the first week of my senior season (an injury that is

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