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Training Log – 692 reps later…

It’s official. I put my entry form for the Old School Iron Wars powerlifting meet in the mail yesterday. In the words of Kevin Hart… Two weeks down, seven to go. The first two weeks of Sheiko have been fun.

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Monday Motivation

Mondays get a bad rap. Most people dread the thought of five grueling work days til¬†responsibility¬†disappears for a precious 48 hours. But some of us love Mondays. And what’s not to love? Monday Night Football, National Bench Press Day, and

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8 Qualities of a Good Training Partner

This week marks the end of an era in my lifting career. It is with a heavy heart (and bloody shins) that I say goodbye to the best training partner I’ve ever had. My good friend Cory – who also

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Training Update – Enter Sheiko

I’ve been doing a lot more training than writing lately. I would venture to say a lot of online fitness personalities should follow suit. I finished up the last sessions of my max effort/rep effort training cycle and now I’m

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Training Log Update

Things are getting crazy here on Long Island. Grad classes are underway, fall sports teams are in full gear, and I moved to the beach. The lack of content here is not for lack of effort. My last blog post

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Improve Ankle Mobility for Shin Splint Prevention

The fall sports season is underway for many collegiate athletes across America, which means training camp is in full gear. Sports coaches everywhere are scrambling to get under-trained athletes in shape as quickly as possible, which means thousands of athletes

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