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Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Review

What a wild weekend. Seventy-two hours of lifting, learning, friends and hurricanes. Minus watching the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy from afar, the past three days have been amazing and I’m about to tell you why. On Sunday, I attended

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What’s In Your Gym Bag? 10 Training Tools Everyone Should Have – Part 2

In the first part of this post, we talked about five pieces of training equipment that everyone should have in their gym bag. Here are five more key tools that ensure you can get a great training session no matter

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What’s In Your Gym Bag? 10 Training Tools Everyone Should Have – Part 1

A look inside someone’s gym bag can tell you a lot about a person. Whenever I see someone walk into a gym completely empty handed, I’m blown away. First, I’m amazed and impressed that they can take such a minimalist

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Training Update – Max Testing and the 500-pound Squat Club

Yesterday I harpooned my white whale. On New Year’s Eve 2009, I wrote down on a sheet of paper that I wanted to squat 500 pounds in 2010. Better late than never. My training plan called for a “mock powerlifting

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Monday Motivation – Get Uncomfortable

Change is good. Comfort is not. At least not til you’ve earned it. Unless you’re the best of the best and at the very top of your sport, class, profession or whatever endeavor consumes your life, you’d better not be comfortable. That

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Counting Calories and A Day in the Life of Tony’s Stomach

Counting calories sucks. It’s impractical. It’s time consuming. And it’s largely inaccurate. But nine out of 10 dietitians, doctors and trainers will tell you that “calories in vs. calories out” is the key to weight loss or gain. And generally, it is.

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No Glute Ham Raise? No Problem!

Strong glutes and hamstrings are without a doubt two of the most important muscle groups for athletic performance. And the glute ham raise is one of the most effective exercises for building a bulletproof backside. Unfortunately, a GHR is often

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