Gonna Learn Today – Good Reads of the Week (12/18)

dog_readingAfter a recent conversation with a friend revealed that he didn’t think Kevin Hart was funny, I was furious. Surely this friend (you know who you are) simply lacked the intellectual fortitude to appreciate Mr. Hart’s elevated brand of humor. To further widen the knowledge gap between me and my comedically-challenged friend, I went back to browsing some of my favorite online sources for information about training, nutrition and life in general.

I was pretty damn pleased with what I found this week, so I’m hopping on the “Good Reads of the Week” bandwagon and dedicating it Kevin Hart’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Each week, I’ll share some of my favorite articles about anything and everything, but sticking mostly to the principles of Lift, Learn, Live.

Paleo: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
by Dani Shugart (T-Nation)

The Paleo Diet is pretty damn polarizing, partly because its most radical followers tend to be as unreasonable as, well, a caveman. But no matter how ridiculous it is to think that we should eat “like our ancestors”, the principles of Paleo are rock solid: lots of quality meats, fruits and veggies, limited starches and no processed crap. Alas, the arguments rage on.┬áDani Shugart’s breakdown of the controversial topic is easily the most levelheaded analysis of Paleo I’ve read.

The Morality of Body Fat
by Juliet G. (Hurst Strength)

This guest post on Erika Hurst’s site is a fascinating read by my friend Juliet, a nutritional sciences PhD student at Rutgers University. She discusses the dangerous mindset of vilifying out-of-shape people, and it goes far beyond the obese overnight celebs we see on The Biggest Loser. I won’t lie, there were times when I was first falling in love with lifting that I looked at overweight people with a hint of disdain.┬áBut as coaches and trainers, we’re here to help people get in shape and live better lives, not put them down. This article is a nice wakeup call to anyone who’s been tricked into thinking that unfit people are bad people.

Creatine and SAMe – Creatine could be cardioprotective?
by Sol Orwell (Examine.com)

People still get worked up about creatine? It’s sad but true. I kid you not, in grad school (this was LAST YEAR, mind you) I had someone try to tell me that creatine would make you fail an NCAA drug test. Thank goodness for people like Sol and his buddies at Examine, who are on a crusade to find the truth about nutritional supplementation. And score another one for the good guys – the world’s most thoroughly researched supplement may help protect your heart.

Less Is More
by Bryan Krahn

This article really hit home, especially since I’ve recently been thrust into the real world with real responsibilities, real bills and a lot of real jerkoffs who like to flaunt their material possessions. There are times when I wish I could be like those guys and have a lot of “stuff”, but then Bryan comes along and reminds us that stuff can’t make us happy forever.

That’s it! Happy reading.

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