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Right Link/Wrong Link: Triceps Kickbacks vs. Skull Crushers

Triceps are where it’s at. Biceps get all the credit, but it’s the three-headed next door neighbor that deserves the spotlight. Whether you’re benching 315, delivering a block in football or filling out your shirt sleeves, the triceps should be

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Posted in Right Link/Wrong Link – Spice Up Your Healthy Cooking with These Lively Combos

Fact: nutrition is often the one factor holding people back from reaching their health and fitness goals. Fact: many people would have a much easier time dialing in their nutrition if they knew how to cook tasty food. I’ll never

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T-Nation: 3 Mind Tricks for Hitting New PRs

Since well before I loved lifting weights, I loved writing. My parents will tell you that when I was little, I had this burning (and often annoying) need to narrate and inform. I’d sit down with paper and Crayon, writing

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Pull-Ups

I had the privilege of having Fred DiMenna, a former WNBF pro bodybuilder and exercise physiology PhD, as a professor in grad school. Fred is hands down one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met, and he’s got a serious

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Posted in Right Link/Wrong Link – The Ultimate Pitcher’s Warm-Up: 4 Shoulder Exercises with Bands

Pitchers LOVE bands. But do bands love them back? The answer is yes, but only if used correctly. “Arm care” is kind of a funny term when it comes to baseball. What exactly IS arm care? Is it rotator cuff

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3 Habits that Build Relentless Discipline

The New Year is over a month old now, and most New Years resolutions have been forgotten or tossed aside. There’s a simple reason for this: most resolutions focus too much on the RESULT and not enough on the PROCESS.

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