T-Nation: 3 Mind Tricks for Hitting New PRs

t-nation 3 mind tricksSince well before I loved lifting weights, I loved writing.

My parents will tell you that when I was little, I had this burning (and often annoying) need to narrate and inform. I’d sit down with paper and Crayon, writing and illustrating scenes from Power Rangers or Legend of Zelda. I’d provide vocal play-by-play AND color commentary every time I fired up the Nintendo to play Super Mario Bros. or Punch Out.

I got a job reporting on high school sports at my local newspaper when I was 16. I went on to get a degree in journalism, which helped me get a job that helped pay for my exercise science degree. No matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done, writing has always been a constant.

So it was a big milestone for me this past Friday when I got my first article published on T-Nation, one of the leading online authorities on strength training and fitness. I’m honored and blown away to be featured alongside such amazing authors/coaches like Jim Wendler, John Meadows, Ben Bruno, Dan John and many others.

My first T-Nation contribution is all about getting your mind right before hitting a big lift. Confidence is everything, and you’ll need lots of it when attempting a weight you’ve never lifted before. Here, you’ll find three simple tricks to instantly build confidence when going for a new PR. I use them all the time, including when I set a new bench press PR last weekend at TPS. It also may have had something to do with meeting the one and only Jordan Syatt and being in the presence of a deadlift world record holder…

Check out the article and let me know if these tips help you hit some big numbers:


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