Monthly Archives: October 2014 – Deloading: The Secret to Better Workout Recovery

The body is a fascinating machine. No matter what┬ástressors you throw its way, it finds a way to adapt, however big or small the change. But when those changes aren’t as positive as you’d like or don’t come about as

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Since starting my internship at Cressey Sports Performance, my knowledge of shoulder anatomy and function has grown by leaps and bounds. Which is great, because we work with dozens of professional baseball players on a daily basis. But we also see

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Powerlifting Meet Recap – RPS Power Challenge

Seven was not a lucky number for me last week as I competed at the RPS Power Challenge, the seventh meet of my powerlifting career. Although I took first place in the 198 raw classic division, I fell well below

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Training Log – Openers for RPS Power Challenge

I’m one week out from the RPS Power Challenge in Everett, Mass., which will be the seventh meet of my powerlifting career. My goals are a double bodyweight bench (385) and a 1475 total, which qualifies as “Pro” in RPS.

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