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Best of 2014: Books

My next Best of 2014 installment is all about the best books I read this year. Between reading during lunch breaks at Brown University and listening to audiobooks during my hour-long drive to Cressey Sports Performance, I consumed more books

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Best Articles of 2014… and an Announcement!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an article. Between spending time with family over Christmas and making a career move, writing has been on the back burner. Which leads me to an announcement… At the end of my

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How to Cook Chicken That Doesn’t Suck

Chicken has long been the staple of “healthy” diets for years. Deservedly so, since it’s almost 100 percent protein with minimal fat and zero carbs. Protein helps us build muscle and keeps us full when we’re trying to lose fat,

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5 Tips for Better Kettlebell Swings

If there was a lower body exercise Mount Rushmore (which would definitely be erected in Columbus, Ohio, NOT South Dakota), squats and deadlifts would be the Washington and Lincoln. And I’d argue that kettlebell swings, in all their hip-thrusting glory,

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