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Exercises I Used to Hate (but Now I Kinda Like)

The past year has brought some serious growth and reflection for me as a coach. During my transition from intern to full-time coach at Cressey Sports Performance, my eyes have been opened to the benefits of many exercises that I

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Posted in Lists Tips for Becoming a Better Fitness Writer

Last week, I had the honor of being featured on Tony Gentilcore’s website with a guest blog entitled Tips for Becoming a Better Fitness Writer. I’ve always looked up to Tony G (figuratively, because he’s awesome, and literally, because he’s

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Posted in Good Reads of the Week, Tips and Tricks – Eat Like a Champion, Part 2: How to Lose Fat Safely

Earlier this week, I posted part one of my Eat Like a Champion series on, which focused on how athletes should eat to add muscle mass. Part two is all about how to lose fat without sacrificing performance. I interviewed

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Posted in Nutrition, Articles – Eat Like a Champion, Part 1: How to Build Muscle in the Kitchen

Many athletes are in the heart of their off-season. It’s prime time to add some much-needed strength and muscle mass, which means loading up dinner plates with seconds and thirds of muscle-building food. But how do you add muscle without

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Best of 2014: Videos

The next installment of my Best of 2014 series is a collection of my top-viewed videos of the year. I’m certainly at no risk of going viral like Charlie the Unicorn but with my partnership with STACK Media, my videos

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