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4 Push-Up Variations for Upper Body Strength

I consider myself a bench press guy. I’m built for it. I’ve got T-Rex arms and have always been better at pressing than pulling. And while the bench press is one of my favorite exercises, I’d be lying if I

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – 3 Post-Activation Potentiation Combos for Explosive Strength

As the high-school and professional baseball season approaches, more and more of our athletes are Cressey Sports Performance have shifted their training focus from maximal strength to maximal speed. Baseball, like most team sports, relies heavily on lightning-fast movements, so the

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The Novice Raw Lifter’s Guide to Supportive Gear

Not all wearable accessories are created equal. Some are purely fashionable, others are strictly functional. Some are functional and fashionable, like a fanny pack. Wait, what? Well, lucky for you accessory dorks, powerlifting is all about the gear. Powerlifters wear more gadgets than

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3 Bench Press Set-Up Mistakes

If you’re reading up on the bench press, you’re bound to come across a handful of consistent recommendations. If you want to press more weight, you have to do X, Y and Z. It almost sounds like there’s a one-size-fits-all solution

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Posted in Tips and Tricks – Top 5 Baseball Strength Training Myths

If you’re a Patriots fan like me, this truly is a happy Monday morning. Now that Tom Brady has cemented his spot as the greatest quarterback of all time, it’s time for us to look ahead to the best time

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