Monthly Archives: July 2015 – 3 Bear Crawl Variations for Better Core Strength – 3 Bear Crawl Variations for Better Core Strength <<< CLICK HERE! As a lifter and a coach, you have to keep an open mind. Case in point: I have a running list of exercises that I used to

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Technique Tuesday: Squat Accessory Exercises that Don’t Work as Well as You Think

This week’s Technique Tuesday brought to you by CSP Mass talks about why two of the most popular squat accessory exercises might not work as well as you think. If you’ve ever used box squats and good mornings to bring

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In anticipation of this weekend’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar, I wrote a guest blog for Greg Robins over at the Strength House. It’s all about how to address your bench press sticking point with technique tweaks and accessory exercises.

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Powerlifting Equipment 101: How to Use Wrist Wraps

Accumulating “stuff” is part of the fun of having a hobby. Car enthusiasts love souping up their rides. Guitar players love adding new pieces to their rig. And powerlifters love adding new gear to their wardrobe of stuff to wear while

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Seminars Update: Optimizing the Big 3 and CSP Fall Seminar

Clear your schedules, folks. I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at three seminars over the next few months. OPTIMIZING THE BIG 3 After a tremendous experience and great turnout at the seminar this past March, I’m beyond

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10 Deload Week Mistakes that are Hurting Your Recovery

If you’re reading this, my guess is you enjoy exercising, and not exercising is a foreign concept to you. But deloading – a purposeful reduction in training frequency, volume and/or intensity – is necessary to help your body and mind recover

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5 Kitchen Gadgets Every Lifter Should Own

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” “Gotta eat big to get big.” There’s no shortage of nutritional cliches in the fitness world. We get it. Eating right is a huge part of being fit.

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