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Technique Tuesday: How to Use a Lifting Belt to Brace Your Core

One of the most common questions I get asked by clients is, “Should I use a lifting belt?” Lifting belts are often misunderstood. Do they protect your lower back? Do they make your abs stronger? Or weaker? The answer is,

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The Trend is Dead: 8 Fitness Trends that Didn’t Pan Out, Part 1

“It’s digging time again You’re nurturing the weakest trend” – Pantera, The Great Southern Trendkill Indisputably one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, Pantera weathered the storm through dozens of music trends. Glam rock, grunge and hip hop

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3 Reasons to Use Percentage-Based Training Programs

I hate math. The first “C” I ever got in school was in calculus my sophomore year of high school. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but math was just never my thing. I still hate math, but I’ve learned to add

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Technique Tuesday: Build Your Bench with the Floor Press

This week’s Technique Tuesday is about an often-misunderstood accessory exercise: the floor press. Many people are quick to trash the effectiveness of the floor press because it reduces the range of motion. It eliminates the bottom portion of the bench

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Positive Self-Talk for Instant Strength Gains

build confidence

Have you ever been so in the zone that you felt unstoppable? Or so flustered that you couldn’t perform the simplest of tasks, no matter how hard you tried? We’ve all been on either end of this performance spectrum. We

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Technique Tuesday: Pendlay Rows to Improve Your Deadlift

I’m a day tardy with this week’s Technique Tuesday but I promise it’s worth the wait. We’ve broken down all three main powerlifts, so now it’s time to explore different accessory exercises to drive your strength to new levels. This

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T-Nation: The Secret to a Bigger Bench Press

By now, you all know that I love the bench press. In my opinion, it’s the most technical of the three powerlifts and requires excruciating attention to detail if you want to get really good at it. That said, my

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