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Technique Tuesday: 3 Common Overhead Press Mistakes

The overhead press is a polarizing lift. People seem to either love it or hate. There are a few reasons for that: 1) It’s really hard to do correctly and 2) it’s hard to see the direct carryover to the bench

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5 Ways to Improve Your Powerlifting Longevity

powerlifting longevity

Powerlifting is a tough sport that will beat you into the ground if you let it. Squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting maximal weights isn’t exactly comfortable. Like Greg Robins says, powerlifting is an extreme sport and you have to be

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Video: CSP Powerlifting at the RPS Power Challenge

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege of coaching nine amazing lifters at the RPS Power Challenge powerlifting meet in Everrett, Massachusetts. It was a well-run, well-judged meet (as is the norm for RPS meets) and everyone had a

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Technique Tuesday: How and When to Flare the Elbows During the Bench Press

You can learn a lot from the spotter’s point of view during the bench press. The problem? You can’t spot yourself! This week’s Technique Tuesday takes things from a different angle to show you how and when to flare your

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Only 2 Days Left to Save $50 on Optimizing the Big 3 in Jupiter, Florida

optimizing the big 3

Winter is fast approaching, so Greg Robins and I are escaping to sunny Florida to host another Optimizing the Big 3 Seminar on November 15. We’re brining our unique brand of powerlifting to Cressey Sports Performance – Jupiter, and you’ve only

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Technique Tuesday: Band-Distracted Deadlifts for Stronger Lats and Hamstrings

Does the bar drift away from you during deadlifts? It’s a problem that I see tons of lifters (myself included) struggle with. You’ll never fully utilize the push from your legs or keep your back straight if the bar doesn’t

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4 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make when Trying to Gain Weight

On a daily basis, I’m asked by at least one skinny high school athlete, “How do I gain weight?” Miguel Aragoncillo and I have often joked that we just need to lock these guys in Chipotle and not let them

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