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Technique Tuesday: Using a Mixed Grip During the Deadlift

We got a great question on the CSP Facebook page a few weeks ago asking about using a mixed grip during the deadlift. Lifters often want to know: When should you switch to a mixed grip? Which hand should be

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Technique Tuesday: How to Wear Wrist Wraps for Each of the Big 3

We continue to discuss powerlifting equipment during this week’s Technique Tuesday as we move on to wrist wraps and how to wear them for the squat, bench press and deadlift. Much like a belt, you want to wear your wrist

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How to Make Oatmeal that Doesn’t Suck

Most of what I learned as a kid was from Sesame Street. I learned that “C” is for cookie and that living in a trash can makes you grouchy. I also learned that oatmeal was boring and that your hyperactive

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Tweaking Single Leg Exercises for Hypertrophy

I’ll be the first to admit it: I hate single leg exercises. Lunges, split squats, step-ups, they’re all torture as far as I’m concerned. But I hate them a lot less – and value them a lot more – after

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Technique Tuesday: How to Wear a Belt for Each of the Big 3

In this week’s installment of Technique Tuesday, I’ll discuss the subtle differences in how to wear a belt for each of the big 3 lifts. As we talked about previously, there’s lots to be learned from wearing a belt (and

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Technique Tuesday: Revisiting Flat-Footed Bench Press Leg Drive

This week’s Technique Tuesday revisits how to use bench press leg drive with your feet flat on the ground. In my opinion, it’s much easier┬áto learn to use leg drive with your heels off the floor, while flat-footed leg drive

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Best of 2015: Videos

In the final installment of my Best of 2015 series, I’ll recap the five top-viewed videos of the year. Turns out 2015 was the year of simplicity, which is most definitely a good thing. My writing partnership with MyFitnessPal gave

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