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5 Ways to Avoid Deadlift Hitching

deadlift hitching

The deadlift is the most brutally honest of the powerlifts. You either lift it or you don’t. Squats can be high, bench presses can be bounced, but you can’t cheat a deadlift. Deadlift hitching is one of the few ways you

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Seminar Update: Toronto and Florida

Seminar season is fast approaching and I’ll be on the road presenting the next two weekends. If you’re in the Toronto or Florida areas, you don’t want to miss these: OPTIMIZING THE BIG 3 in Toronto The Optimizing the Big 3

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Technique Tuesday: 2 RDL Variations to Fix Your Deadlift Weak Points

This week’s Technique Tuesday will help you fix two pesky deadlift weak points using two of my favorite Romanian Deadlift variations. The RDL is highly specific to the competition deadlift, making it an excellent accessory exercise to drive up the

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My 3 Favorite Methods for Muscle Recovery

muscle recovery

The journey is the destination. The chase is better than the catch. Anticipation is greater than realization. All these quotes can be applied to training. And while training is an enjoyable process, it’s the result of training that we’re after: better

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Technique Tuesday: Chest Supported Rows for Upper Back Strength

This week’s Technique Tuesday continues to focus on assistance exercises to increase your powerlifts, and no other exercise builds upper body strength quite like chest support rows. Upper back strength is paramount for all three powerlifts. You hold the bar

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Why Our Gym Has No Mirrors

It’s winter in New England, which means the sun sets extra early. It also means most of my work day at Cressey Sports Performance takes place after sunset. So the other day at about 6 p.m., I caught one of our

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Technique Tuesday: How to do Glute Ham Raises for Stronger Squats and Deadlifts

I’m a day late with this week’s Technique Tuesday but it’s worth it because I talk about my favorite lower body accessory exercise of all time: glute ham raises. Nothing trains your glutes, hamstrings and lower back while taking pressure off your

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