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Technique Tuesday: How to Spot the Back Squat

We often focus on how to perform the squat, bench press and deadlift during our Technique Tuesday videos, but this week we’ll shift to an often-ignored subject: how to SPOT the big lifts. This week we’ll delve into spotting the

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Technique Tuesday: Block Pulls – Helpful or Totally Useless?

block pulls

The flu knocked me out for a few days last week, but I’m back with a slightly-delayed Technique Tuesday. Last week, we covered block pulls, which are interesting because they can either be really helpful or completely useless. It all

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What Were You Doing a Year Ago Today?

Our success or failure in fitness is determined by our progress. If we’re making steady, tangible progress, we can be certain we’re succeeding. If we’re NOT progressing (whether we’re stagnating or regressing), we are, by definition, failing. That’s some serious pressure.

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Technique Tuesday: Pin Presses for a Stronger Bench Press

This week’s Technique Tuesday continues the theme of accessory exercises, and pin presses are about as good as it gets if you’re looking for a stronger bench press. I didn’t always love this exercise, but once I realized how quickly

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Technique Tuesday: Should Powerlifters Use the Landmine Press?

landmine press

We use the landmine press with our baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance all the time. We love it because it builds upper strength while improving scapular upward rotation and challenging the athlete’s core control. But we also train a

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