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Technique Tuesday: 2-for-1 Edition

I’ve been slacking the past week as I prepare for my wedding this weekend. Since I didn’t share my Technique Tuesday last week, you’ll get a double-dose this week. 2 Bench Press Habits You Need to Break Far too often

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3 Intangibles You Need for Powerlifting Success


The sport of powerlifting serves as a nice little metaphor for life. You’re competing against others, but you’re really competing against yourself. You do a ton of work for a big payoff. And there are aches and pains, but it’s

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Technique Tuesday: Seated Sumo Deadlift to Help You Feel Your Legs

This week’s Technique Tuesday covers the seated sumo deadlift, which is a drill I use with lifters to fix a common problem: an inability to push with the legs during the sumo deadlift. Lots of lifters get out of position

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Seminar Update: Optimizing the Big 3 in Santa Cruz, CA

Optimizing the Big 3

It’s official: this summer, Greg Robins and I are hitting the road to take our Optimizing the Big 3 powerlifting seminar to Santa Cruz, California. We’ll be taking our squat, bench press and deadlifting wisdom to the West Coast for

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FitInfoClub Podcast: Building Body and Mind

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Australian strength coach extraordinaire Guy Bortz on the FitInfoClub podcast to talk about training, nutrition and coaching. I had a blast chatting with Guy about a variety of subjects, including: How to

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Technique Tuesday: 2 Ways to Make the Glute Ham Raise Harder without Adding Weights

The glute ham raise is one of my favorite lower body accessory exercises to build the hamstrings. If your gym has a GHR, chances are you’re in a good gym (but if not, read this). A lot of strong lifters can’t

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