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Technique Tuesday: SSB Exercises for Lower Body Hypertrophy

lower body hypertrophy

Last week, we discussed how to use the Safety Squat Bar to build the deadlift. This week, I’ll show you how I like to use the SSB for lower body hypertrophy training. Can’t you just use a barbell to build big

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Technique Tuesday: SSB Pin Squats to Build Your Deadlift

pin squats

This week’s Technique Tuesday covers one of my favorite deadlift assistance exercises: pin squats with the Safety Squat Bar. It’s tough to train the deadlift frequently without getting worn out or beat up. SSB pin squats have solid carryover to the

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8 Lessons from My First 600 Pound Deadlift


A few weeks ago, I hit my first 600-pound deadlift. Although far from a world-class number, it’s a big milestone for me. It was my first triple-bodyweight pull and marked a long road of retooling my deadlift from awful to

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Technique Tuesday: Intro to the Safety Squat Bar

safety squat bar

The safety squat bar is an awesome tool to have in your lifting arsenal. This week’s Technique Tuesday introduces you to the SSB and provides a few tips for how to use it effectively, regardless of the exercise you’re performing. Over

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Technique Tuesday: Cable Chops and Lifts for Core and Shoulder Stability

cable chops

This week’s Technique Tuesday covers cable chops and lifts, a group of anterior core exercises that we use all the time at Cressey Sports Performance. Along with hammering the abs from multiple directions, cable chops and lifts encourage good shoulder

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The Number One Thing That’s Standing in Your Way

Ask yourself a question: what’s the number one thing standing in your way? Between you and your goals? Between you and the thing you want most? You might say time. You might say money. You might say skills or talent

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Technique Tuesday: 4 Reverse Crunch Mistakes

The reverse crunch is a fantastic anterior core exercise that we use frequently with our athletes at Cressey Sports Performance. While things like planks and rollouts teach you to resist extension, the reverse crunch uses the abs and oblique to create

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