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Technique Tuesday: Troubleshooting the 1-Leg RDL

1-leg RDL

Single leg exercises are a staple in our programming at Cressey Sports Performance. Whether you’re a baseball player, powerlifter or just want to move better, single leg work builds coordination and stability where you need it most. The 1-leg Romanian

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Technique Tuesday: How to Hold a Kettlebell

how to hold a kettlebell

Gripping a barbell is simple, but you’d be surprised how many lifters I coach who don’t know how to hold a kettlebell. This week’s Technique Tuesday explains an extremely common kettlebell grip mistake and how to fix it to improve

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The Lost Art of Attacking the Barbell

lost art

If there’s one thing that great lifters have in common, it’s the ability to attack the barbell with controlled violence. This lost art of focused aggression is often what separates the pretty strong from the insanely strong. Watch some of

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Deadlift Edition)

between sets

Usually I prefer to cry in the corner by¬†myself between sets of deadlifts (it’s historically been the most challenging of the powerlifts for me), but this week’s Technique Tuesday covers what to do between sets of heavy pulls. Our primary

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6 Ways to Reduce Shoulder Pain During Squats

shoulder pain

The squat may be the king of all lower body exercises, but if you’ve ever squatted heavy, you know that it’s extremely¬†taxing on the upper body too. So taxing, in fact, that many people experience shoulder pain during squats at

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Bench Edition)

between sets

Last week’s Technique Tuesday discussed what you should do between sets of squats, so naturally, this week focuses on the bench press. Remember, your “A2” exercise should do one of three things: Mobilize (in this case, thoracic spine mobility) Activate

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