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Technique Tuesday: Progressing the Bench T-Spine Mobilization

bench t-spine mobilization

The Bench T-Spine Mobilization is one of my favorite mobility/stability drills. It does a little bit of everything: gives a good stretch in the lats and triceps, teaches good anterior core stiffness and grooves a hip hinge pattern. However, it’s

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Women’s Powerlifting Roundtable: Building a 300 Pound Deadlift

300 pound deadlift

Nearly every female lifter I’ve ever coached has come to me with the same goal: hit a 300 pound deadlift. Along with Strength House founder Greg Robins, we’ve had the pleasure of coaching some incredibly strong ladies, many of whom

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Technique Tuesday: Clean Up Your Corner Rows

corner rows

Corner rows provide a great alternative to the bent-over row. They crush your upper back without taxing your lower back nearly as much, which is always a plus. However, given the somewhat awkward setup, corner rows are often done incorrectly.

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30 Seconds of Undivided Attention

30 seconds

Every practice, my high school baseball coach would huddle the team together and snap his fingers. “Give me 30 seconds, boys,” he’d say sternly. When coach said this, everyone knew the next half-minute would set the tone for the entire practice.

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Technique Tuesday: Dialing in Your Bulgarian Split Squat Set-Up

Bulgarian split squat

The Bulgarian split squat is brutal in every sense of the word. They’re tough to perform and they’ll make you walk like a baby giraffe, but that’s part of what makes them great. What’s NOT great is trying to set up

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Environmental Cues to Fix Your Push-Ups


Push-ups can get really ugly really fast if they’re not coached properly. And often times we use push-ups with beginners because their fairly basic – or so it’s thought. Push-ups are actually pretty tough, and if you overload a beginner

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Are Your Shoulders Ready to Overhead Press?

overhead press

The overhead press is perhaps the ultimate test of upper body strength. Even more than my beloved bench press, the overhead press removes leg drive and requires a tremendous blend of strength, mobility and coordination. Unfortunately, many people either perform

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