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Best of 2016: Videos

The next edition of the Bonvec Strength Best of 2016 series features the most-viewed videos of the year across several platforms. Technique Tuesday The Technique Tuesday video series┬ádidn’t miss a week in 2016, so we’ve got 52 clips to choose

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Best of 2016: Articles

2016 was a pretty amazing year. I had some big life events happen, including getting married and buying a house. Some cool stuff went down at Bonvec Strength too, and today I’ll recap my five most-viewed articles of the year.

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Technique Tuesday: 2 Tips for Better Bird Dogs

bird dogs

As far as warm-up drills go, Bird Dogs hit a little bit of everything: core stability, hip extension and shoulder flexion primarily. For that reason, it’s one of my favorite exercises to get the body ready to move heavy weight.

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Technique Tuesday: Nordic Hamstring Curls

nordic hamstring curls

The Glute Ham Raise might be the ultimate lower body accessory exercise, but if you don’t have the equipment, Nordic Hamstring Curls are your best bet. This week’s Technique Tuesday shows you how to set up and execute this brutal

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4 Steps to Declutter Your Training Programs


My wife and I just bought our first home. It’s super exciting to have a house that’s completely our own, but┬ámoving was NOT an easy process. Paperwork, packing, meetings, packing, phone calls, more packing. Did I mention packing? In the

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Technique Tuesday: Cueing Thoracic Extension during Front Squats

front squats

“Elbows up! Elbows up!” You hear this yelled in every weight room on the planet when someone is doing front squats. The intent is to keep the lifter from falling forward, but does it really accomplish that? The answer is

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Cues to Improve Your Goblet Position

goblet position

The goblet position is a go-to tool that works for countless exercises and people of any fitness level. A favorite for beginners, the goblet position helps strengthen the abs and lower back while taking stress off the shoulders. For that

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