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Technique Tuesday: Scapular Position During Pressing Exercises

scapular position

Scapular position during pressing exercises is crucial for strength and shoulder health. Should your scaps stay locked in one position? Should they move around? Some of both? The answer depends on what pressing exercise you’re doing. There are some crucial

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Weekly Recap – March 26, 2017

Hey all – Greg Robins and I are gearing up for our 2-day seminar, “Complete Preparation for High School Athletes,” which will be held at The Annex Sports Performance in Chatham, NJ, on April 1-2. Check out the details below

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Technique Tuesday: Lightning Deadlifts for Explosive Bar Speed

lightning deadlifts

Lightning Deadlifts are one of my favorite drills to build explosive bar speed off the floor. It combines accommodating resistance (i.e. the weight gets heavier toward lockout) and post-activation potentiation (i.e. the second rep is lighter so you can lift faster),

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Weekly Recap – March 19, 2017

Hey all – Is it Spring yet? The calendar tells us it’s tomorrow but the temperature says otherwise. Either way, stay warm with these great fitness articles and videos from the past week: The Strength House Podcast – Episode 6:

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The Strength House Podcast – Episode 6: Haze vs. Heady Topper

Well, we finally did it. We got the legendary beer that started it all – Heady Topper – on the Strength House podcast. We put it up against Greg’s favorite, Tree House Haze, and they did not disappoint. Between beers,

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Do More Pull-Ups with these 3 Advanced Workouts

do more pull-ups

It seems like every article on pull-ups is about how to go from zero reps to one, but what about those of us trying to do MORE pull-ups? Sometimes, straight sets and reps can be boring or unproductive if you’re

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Technique Tuesday: Thoracic Flexion and Rotation for Pitchers

thoracic flexion

It may not feel like it with up to 2 feet of snow in Massachusetts today, but baseball season is right around the corner. This week’s Technique Tuesday features a drill we use with our pitchers to work on thoracic

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