The Strength House Podcast – Episode 8 (King Sue vs. Julius)

I guess you could call this episode of The Strength House podcast “the Beer Episode” because we talk a LOT about beer. Sure, we get to some training talk, but Greg and I dive into how we got so obsessed with craft beer, from tasting to trading to miscellaneous adventures to our favorite breweries. Once we get the train back on the rails, we discuss exercise selection to build the Big 3 lifts. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

First Pour: Toppling Goliath King Sue [4:55]

How Greg and Tony got involved in beer trading [7:20]

Beer Expert: How long should you let your beer age? [16:15]

How to ship beer [27:45]

Greg’s imaginary BBQ sauce company [30:28]

What makes us include or not include an exercise in a program? [39:28]

Favorite assistance exercise for each of the Big 3 [42:00]

How close should your hands be for close grip bench? [47:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Julius [55:22]

The only time Greg has ever run for beer [57:30]

What are some exercises people don’t load heavy enough? [1:05:04]

This week’s beer rankings [1:13:15]

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