Weekly Recap – April 9, 2017

Hey all –

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that went on in Bonvec Strength land last week. Happy Monday!

The Strength House Podcast – Episode 8

I guess you could call this episode of The Strength House podcast “the Beer Episode” because we talk a LOT about beer. Sure, we get to some training talk, but Greg and I dive into how we got so obsessed with craft beer, from tasting to trading to miscellaneous adventures to our favorite breweries. Once we get the train back on the rails, we discuss exercise selection to build the Big 3 lifts. Enjoy!

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Best Fitness Reads of the Week


Bulletproof Your Hamstrings with this Move

by Tony Bonvechio via MapMyRun.com
Here’s a quick piece I did for MapMyRun about the Nordic Hamstring Curl. This devilish exercise can work wonders for reducing knee pain and the occurrence of hamstring strains.

Wedging into the Bar for a Stronger Deadlift

by Dean Somerset
I love this article because it explains a crucial element of the deadlift that a lot of lifters struggle to grasp.

How to Travel for Business or Vacation and Still Lose Fat

by Bryan Krahn
Here’s the most wise and logical take on what to do for exercise and nutrition when you’re on vacation that I’ve ever read.

Technique Tuesday

scoop toss


Exercise of the Week

Client Spotlight: Leslie

Long-tenured Strength House lifter Leslie came all the way from Kansas City to visit us in Boston this weekend, and she set 3 PR’s in the process. You rock Leslie!


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