Weekly Recap – April 16, 2017

Hey all –

Happy Easter! Once all the eggs have been found and the brunch plates are cleared, take a minute and check out what went down at BonvecStrength.com this week:

Best Fitness Reads of the Week


29 Lessons from 29 Years

by Tony Bonvechio 
I forgot to do my annual birthday post last year and nearly forgot this year too. Before my mind deteriorates completely, here are 29 lessons about lifting, business and life in general.

Flat vs. Round Back Deadlift

by Adam Pine
Here’s a nice simple explanation of the differences between deadlifting with a flat back and rounded back and why you might want to use one approach versus the other. Also, don’t miss the awesome deadlift tutorial video at the end!

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

by Gina Trapani via LifeHacker
This article’s nearly 10 years old, but a client sent it to me after we talked about the value of using the calendar method to build good habits. And what’s the deal with airline food anyway?

Technique Tuesday

in-season training


Exercise of the Week


Client Spotlight: Pat

Pat’s a CSP client who recently finished a series of physical challenges, including this brutal 20-yard farmer’s walk with 200-plus pounds per hand. He smashed all his other goals too, which included chain push-ups and 80-yard walking lunges. Awesome job Pat!


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