The Strength House Podcast – Episode 9 ft. Todd Bumgardner

In this episode of The Strength House podcast, we have fellow bearded gentleman Todd Bumgardner of Strength Faction and Beyond Strength NOVA. While sipping on our first-ever listener-submitted beer, we discuss how to build the ideal culture in your gym and how to crush your workouts when you’re crushed for time. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

First Pour: Cigar City Jai Alai [2:17]

Introducing Todd Bumgardner [6:18]

The Beer Expert: Proper Glassware [9:30]

How do you develop the ideal culture in your gym or organization? [12:37]

Killing tigers in the weeds [16:24]

How Todd decides what training methods to use and what to discard [27:14]

Second Pour: Tree House In Perpetuity [38:17]

How Todd helps people turn general goals into specific goals [43:25]

How to train hard with a crazy schedule [50:46]

How fly fishing has made Todd a better coach [1:05:52]

This week’s Beer Rankings [1:12:22]

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