The Strength House Podcast – Episode 10 (South of Eleven vs. Curiosity 34)

We made it to double digits! In episode 10 of The Strength House Podcast, Greg and I go deep into the methods that we’ve used to create a successful online coaching business. Whether you’re a lifter looking for a coach, or a trainer trying to add online coaching to your offerings, you won’t want to miss this.¬†Enjoy!

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Show Notes

First Pour: Hoof Hearted South of Eleven [2:11]

Beer Fact: What are IBUs? [5:52]

How did the online component of The Strength House get started? [8:02]

How should a coach get started with online coaching? [10:15]

Using testimonials to generate more leads [20:28]

Why specialization will get your more clients [27:30]

Should you individualize every program? [34:20]

Second Pour: Tree House Curiosity 34 [37:49]

How often should you update an online client’s program? [45:10]

Setting client expectations and boundaries [1:00:30]

Greg and Tony summarize how to get started with online coaching [1:08:40]

This week’s beer rankings [1:13:43]

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