Weekly Recap – April 30, 2017

Hey all –

I hope you’re enjoying this awesome spring weather as much as I am! Kick back, crack open a cold beverage and dig into this week’s fitness content:

We made it to double digits! In episode 10 of The Strength House Podcast, Greg and I go deep into the methods that we’ve used to create a successful online coaching business. Whether you’re a lifter looking for a coach, or a trainer trying to add online coaching to your offerings, you won’t want to miss this. Enjoy!

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Best Fitness Reads of the Week


3 Habits You Need to Lose Weight: Use Your Traffic Light

by Jeremy Dupont
Self-awareness is everything when trying to make changes to the way you eat. I loved this article about how to identify situations and recognize them as “red lights,” “yellow lights” or “green lights” to develop quailty eating habits.

A Better Alternative for Pistol Squats

by Andrew Millett
Pistol squats have always fallen into that category of “not quite worth the effort” for me. There are tons of other ways to get strong on one leg, but if you insist on doing pistols, check out these easy-to-follow progressions and regressions.

Is a Calorie Really Just a Calorie?

by Brian St. Pierre via EricCressey.com
The fastest way to put me to sleep is to argue on the internet about calories in vs. calories out. However, this article by Brian St. Pierre does an excellent job of explaining why food quality really DOES matter, even if it’s just weight loss you’re after.

Technique Tuesday

kettlebell swings


Exercise of the Week

Client Spotlight: Jamie

Jamie, owner of Melboure Strength Culture in Australia, dominated the platform last weekend, including this silky smooth 308 bench press. Well done, mate!

First of 3 posts regarding yesterday – Big thanks to @bonvecstrength for helping me hit a very comfortable 140kg bench. Sorry Tony, but I am unaware of what that is in pounds – Second thanks to @macro_daddy for helping me yesterday with the finer things. You are an admirable man! – Thirdly, thanks @jpshealth_fitness , @jacobschepis_jps and @samuel.schepis for an awesome day! It was one to remember – Finally, thank you to everyone who came down to support Charlie, Sammi and I. We are forever grateful of your support of us and the #strengthculture! @sammmielliott @charlies_strengthculture – Finished with 225/140/255, not my best day of lifting but came home with second and loved every second of it. For now, it's time to dial back the training and focus entirely on building the best darn gym culture this country has seen @melbournestrengthculture. Watch this space! #strengthculture #jointheculture #noturkeys

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