Weekly Recap – May 7, 2017

Hey all –

Happy Sunday! This week’s newsletter has a female lifter flare to it, so if you’re a lady who loves lifting heavy things, I think you’ll love this week’s content. Enjoy!

This week on the Strength House Podcast, we’ve got women’s soccer extraordinaire Lori Lindsey as our guest. A former Olympian and member of the US Women’s National Team, Lori is now a performance coach and co-founder of Formation Strength. We had a blast chatting about how to coach female athletes and the state of the fitness industry as it’s marketed towards females.

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Best Fitness Reads of the Week


3 Strategies to Break Your Bench Press Plateau

by Tony Bonvechio
We’ve had a lot of bench press “a-ha” moments lately in our CSP women’s powerlifting group. Here are 3 things we started doing to help more of our lifters bench the “big girl plates.”

10 Things I Learned from Running My First Marathon

by Jeremy Dupont
My client Jeremy recent checked a big item off his bucket list by running the Boston Marathon. Here’s a quick recap of what he learned that applies not just to running, but to life in general.

Move Better Monday: Prone Shoulder External Rotation End-Range Lift-Offs

by Frank Duffy
The title is a mouthful, but I’ve learned to love this exercise for improving rotator cuff strength and shoulder range of motion.

Technique Tuesday



Exercise of the Week

Client Spotlight: Katie and Sarah

Congrats to Katie and Sarah of the CSP Women’s Powerlifting team for dominating at their first meet yesterday! They both set PRs across the board, including Katie’s 303 deadlift (her first 300+ pull) and Sarah’s 374 deadlift (the heaviest of the meet). Click the image to see videos of their best lifts of the day.


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