The Strength House Podcast Episode 12 – Training High School Athletes

Although we train a lot of powerlifters, Greg and I spend the bulk of our coaching hours working with high school athletes. This week’s episode of The Strength House Podcast dives into some of the methods we use to help our athletes ages 13-18 from various sports. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

First Pour: The Veil Master Shredder 3 [4:16]

Beer Fact: What constitutes a wheat ale? [7:12]

How do you fit loaded carries into an athlete’s program? [11:51]

How do volume and intensity change from off-season to in-season? [18:47]

What if an athlete is ALWAYS in-season? [23:17]

What to do if there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” [29:29]

Do you have lifting standards for high school athletes? [38:55]

Second Pour: Tree House Alter Ego [40:18]

Do you favor jumps/throws or Olympic lifting variations? [54:55]

What’s the most difficult part of coaching high school athletes? [1:03:59]


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