The Strength House Podcast Episode 13 ft. Adam Pine

This week’s episode of The Strength House Podcast features Adam Pine of Titan Barbell in Medford, Mass. Adam is a phenomenal lifter, coach and person who has a ton to offer in terms of lifting technique and developing a rock-solid mental approach to powerlifting. This is one of my favorite episodes so far because there’s so much juicy info – not to mention two outstanding listener-submitted beers!

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Show Notes

First Pour: Mikerphone I Want My IPA [2:45]

Introducing Adam Pine [3:44]

How to get mentally prepared to attempt a PR [6:45]

Strategies for choosing attempts at your first meet [11:12]

Bouncing back from missed attempts [16:00]

More thoughts on picking attempts [25:25]

Second Pour: Mikerphone Check 1,2 [26:49]

Beer Fact: What makes a beer hazy? [29:05]

Training the deadlift with singles or multiple reps? [35:59]

Taking the slack out of the bar vs. exploding off the floor [40:07]

Assistance exercises to build the deadlift [54:00]

Using conventional and sumo deadlifts to build each other [55:42]

More from Adam Pine

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