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The Strength House Podcast – Episode 11 ft. Lori Lindsey

This week on the Strength House Podcast, we’ve got women’s soccer extraordinaire Lori Lindsey as our guest. A former Olympian and member of the US Women’s National Team, Lori is now a performance coach and co-founder of¬†Formation Strength. We had

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3 Strategies to Break Your Bench Press Plateau

bench press plateau

The bench press likes to stall hard and fast more than any of the other big barbell lifts. There’s less muscle mass involved during the bench compared to the squat or deadlift, so there’s less room for technical error and

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Technique Tuesday: How to Land from a Heiden


We use the Heiden with most of our athletes at Cressey Sports Performance because everyone needs to be explosive in the frontal plane (i.e. side-to-side). But what’s most important is being able to decelerate laterally to cut and change directions

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Weekly Recap – April 30, 2017

Hey all – I hope you’re enjoying this awesome spring weather as much as I am! Kick back, crack open a cold beverage and dig into this week’s fitness content: We made it to double digits! In episode 10 of

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