The Strength House Podcast – Episode 14 ft. Jim Laird

This week’s episode of The Strength House Podcast features special guest Jim Laird of Gym Laird Strength and Conditioning in Lexington, KY. Jim has been an amazing friend and mentor to me and Greg, and was especially influential in helping me start the Cressey Sports Performance women’s powerlifting team. Jim runs his own women’s powerlifting team called the Miss Fits (hence his influence on me) and has decades of under-the-bar and coaching experience. He hits us with tons of wisdom in this episode, so stay tuned!

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Show Notes

First Pour: LIC Beer Project Platinum Plus [3:35]

Introducing Jim Laird [6:20]

Can you train for health AND performance? [13:00]

What are the most effective tools for recovery? [15:30]

What are some constants in a good training program for all populations? [21:18]

Second Pour: Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong [42:45]

How Jim started his women’s powerlifting team [45:50]

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