Technique Tuesday: Lowering the Bar during the Conventional Deadlift

I had an online client email me the other day and ask, “How should I put the bar back down after each rep of my deadlifts?” I stared at the screen blankly for a second, thinking, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Then I realized, it isn’t so obvious. And shame on me for not taking the time to explain such a crucial aspect of the deadlift.

Lowering the bar back to the floor during the deadlift seems simple enough, but many lifters put themselves out of position for the next rep because of how they do it. And with a highly-technical lift like the deadlift, there’s no room for error in your setup.

In this first installment of this two-part Technique Tuesday, I cover the conventional deadlift and a few mistakes I see lifters make while returning the bar to the floor. Check it out:


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