Technique Tuesday: Shin Angle During Lunges

shin angle

Many coaches preach a vertical shin angle during lunges, which isn’t inherently wrong. For example, a vertical shin during reverse lunges makes sense; keep the focus on the glutes and hamstrings while minimizing stress on the knees. But what about

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Technique Tuesday: Face Pulls for Shoulder Health

face pulls

Face pulls get lumped into the “shoulder health” category, but when you really break it down, the rotator cuff doesn’t get a ton of stimulus if you perform the exercise the traditional way. Usually it just turns into a glorified

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The Strength House Podcast Episode 12 – Training High School Athletes

Although we train a lot of powerlifters, Greg and I spend the bulk of our coaching hours working with high school athletes. This week’s episode of The Strength House Podcast dives into some of the methods we use to help

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Technique Tuesday: Head Position During the Bench Press

bench press

I never thought I’d have to tell people to keep their head on the bench during the bench press. That is, until it became a thing. Now every powerlifting meet I go to (besides USAPL and IPF where head lifting isn’t

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Weekly Recap – May 7, 2017

Hey all – Happy Sunday! This week’s newsletter has a female lifter flare to it, so if you’re a lady who loves lifting heavy things, I think you’ll love this week’s content. Enjoy! This week on the Strength House Podcast,

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The Strength House Podcast – Episode 11 ft. Lori Lindsey

This week on the Strength House Podcast, we’ve got women’s soccer extraordinaire Lori Lindsey as our guest. A former Olympian and member of the US Women’s National Team, Lori is now a performance coach and co-founder of Formation Strength. We had

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3 Strategies to Break Your Bench Press Plateau

bench press plateau

The bench press likes to stall hard and fast more than any of the other big barbell lifts. There’s less muscle mass involved during the bench compared to the squat or deadlift, so there’s less room for technical error and

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