Technique Tuesday: A Better Way to Foam Roll

foam roll

Most people foam roll by simply rolling back and forth over a muscle to try to loosen it up. Sometimes this just doesn’t cut it, especially the bigger and stronger you get. Big muscles are often tight muscles and they

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4 Warm Up Mistakes You’re Probably Making

warm up mistakes

The warm up is the salad of exercise. It’s not very exciting, but you know it’s good for you and you should probably have it before you get to the meat and potatoes. Luckily, with the increased popularity of functional training, a

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Weekly Recap: January 15, 2017

Assuming you’re a Patriots fan (so you got all your football watching done last night) or your favorite football team isn’t in the playoffs, here’s some reading to keep you occupied on this chilly Sunday: Best Fitness Reads of the

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Technique Tuesday: Squat to Stand Workarounds

squat to stand

The Squat to Stand drill is one of my favorite warm-up exercises to help groove a nice squat pattern. However, some people have a hard time getting into the bottom position. Either they can’t keep their chest up or they

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Technique Tuesday: 2 Cues for 1-leg Barbell RDLs

barbell RDL

We got a question on Twitter asking how to progress from bilateral to unilateral hip-dominant exercises, so this week’s Technique Tuesday covers some of my favorite cues for 1-leg Barbell RDLs. This is a natural progression from a 1-arm, 1-leg

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Best of 2016: Videos

The next edition of the Bonvec Strength Best of 2016 series features the most-viewed videos of the year across several platforms. Technique Tuesday The Technique Tuesday video series didn’t miss a week in 2016, so we’ve got 52 clips to choose

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Best of 2016: Articles

2016 was a pretty amazing year. I had some big life events happen, including getting married and buying a house. Some cool stuff went down at Bonvec Strength too, and today I’ll recap my five most-viewed articles of the year.

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