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Technique Tuesday: Coaching Hip Rotation During the Med Ball Scoop Toss

scoop toss

The rotational med ball scoop toss is a staple exercise for our CSP athletes because it develops power in the transverse plane to help our guys and gals throw harder and hit bombs at the plate. And while many of

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Technique Tuesday: Thoracic Flexion and Rotation for Pitchers

thoracic flexion

It may not feel like it with up to 2 feet of snow in Massachusetts today, but baseball season is right around the corner. This week’s Technique Tuesday features a drill we use with our pitchers to work on thoracic

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Posted in Technique Tuesdays – 3 Post-Activation Potentiation Combos for Explosive Strength

As the high-school and professional baseball season approaches, more and more of our athletes are Cressey Sports Performance have shifted their training focus from maximal strength to maximal speed. Baseball, like most team sports, relies heavily on lightning-fast movements, so the

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Posted in Articles, Tips and Tricks – Top 5 Baseball Strength Training Myths

If you’re a Patriots fan like me, this truly is a happy Monday morning. Now that Tom Brady has cemented his spot as the greatest quarterback of all time, it’s time for us to look ahead to the best time

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Posted in Lists, Articles, Tips and Tricks – Are You Making These 3 Shoulder Press Mistakes?

Since starting my internship at Cressey Sports Performance, my knowledge of shoulder anatomy and function has grown by leaps and bounds. Which is great, because we work with dozens of professional baseball players on a daily basis. But we also see

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Next Step: Cressey Sports Performance Internship

I’m psyched to announce that this fall I’ll be interning at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. If you’ve ever read this blog before, you know that Eric Cressey has been a huge influence on me from day one. Eric

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Posted in Uncategorized 3 Worst Core Exercises for Baseball (and What to Do Instead)

Baseball players undoubtedly need tons of core strength. But what does “core strength” even mean? The term has been bastardized to the point that Fred DiMenna, my grad school professor and former WNBF pro bodybuilder, would say “I don’t know

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