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Technique Tuesday: Progressing the Bench T-Spine Mobilization

bench t-spine mobilization

The Bench T-Spine Mobilization is one of my favorite mobility/stability drills. It does a little bit of everything: gives a good stretch in the lats and triceps, teaches good anterior core stiffness and grooves a hip hinge pattern. However, it’s

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Bench Edition)

between sets

Last week’s Technique Tuesday discussed what you should do between sets of squats, so naturally, this week focuses on the bench press. Remember, your “A2” exercise should do one of three things: Mobilize (in this case, thoracic spine mobility) Activate

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Ways to Fix Your Front Squat Setup

I won’t lie, front squats are brutal. But they’re even MORE brutal if you can’t get into a good setup┬áposition. We had a great question during our Facebook Live event (click here to re-watch it) about how to fix the

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Technique Tuesday: What Bench T-Spine Mobilizations Can Teach You About Squats and Deadlifts

Many people struggle with the concept of “Chest up, ribs down” during squats and deadlifts. It’s tough to extend through the upper back without hyperextending the lower back and disengaging the core muscles. It’s equally tough to keep the ribs

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