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Power Development for Powerlifters: 3 Underutilized Methods

power development

Power development for powerlifters sounds pretty redundant. I mean, they’ve got “power” in their name so they must be pretty powerful, right? Actually, powerlifters have the most deceiving title in all of strength sports. Strongmen are indeed strong and weightlifters

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Ways to Make Box Jumps Harder

box jumps

Box jumps are a staple in many of my programs for all kinds of athletes. They develop sagittal plane power, teach rapid force application AND absorption, and require minimal equipment. But if there’s one thing that stresses me out like

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The Lost Art of Attacking the Barbell

lost art

If there’s one thing that great lifters have in common, it’s the ability to attack the barbell with controlled violence. This lost art of focused aggression is often what separates the pretty strong from the insanely strong. Watch some of

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Best of 2014: Videos

The next installment of my Best of 2014 series is a collection of my top-viewed videos of the year. I’m certainly at no risk of going viral like Charlie the Unicorn but with my partnership with STACK Media, my videos

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – 3 Box Jump Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Vertical Jump

Getting strong and athletic is pretty simple: lift, sprint and jump. You can sprinkle in some other stuff from time to time, but if you focus most of your efforts on these three things, you’re on the right track. The

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Training Log Update – February 6-11

My strength is steadily returning as my shoulder improves and my weight slowly climbs. I’ve got just over eight training weeks left til the APF Spring Iron Frenzy¬†and I like the way things are going. I’ve hit some good indicator

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Training Log Update – January 2013

It’s been way too long since I posted a training log update. Actually, I haven’t said a word about my training since my last powerlifting meet way back in November. But there’s a reason for that. After setting a handful

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