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4 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make when Trying to Gain Weight

On a daily basis, I’m asked by at least one skinny high school athlete, “How do I gain weight?” Miguel Aragoncillo and I have often joked that we just need to lock these guys in Chipotle and not let them

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The Trend is Dead: 8 Fitness Trends that Didn’t Pan Out, Part 1

“It’s digging time again You’re nurturing the weakest trend” – Pantera, The Great Southern Trendkill Indisputably one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, Pantera weathered the storm through dozens of music trends. Glam rock, grunge and hip hop

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Posted in Lists – Eat Like a Champion, Part 2: How to Lose Fat Safely

Earlier this week, I posted part one of my Eat Like a Champion series on, which focused on how athletes should eat to add muscle mass. Part two is all about how to lose fat without sacrificing performance. I interviewed

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Posted in Nutrition, Articles – Eat Like a Champion, Part 1: How to Build Muscle in the Kitchen

Many athletes are in the heart of their off-season. It’s prime time to add some much-needed strength and muscle mass, which means loading up dinner plates with seconds and thirds of muscle-building food. But how do you add muscle without

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Counting Calories and A Day in the Life of Tony’s Stomach

Counting calories sucks. It’s impractical. It’s time consuming. And it’s largely inaccurate. But nine out of 10 dietitians, doctors and trainers will tell you that “calories in vs. calories out” is the key to weight loss or gain. And generally, it is.

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