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Technique Tuesday: 3 Environmental Cues to Fix Your Push-Ups


Push-ups can get really ugly really fast if they’re not coached properly. And often times we use push-ups with beginners because their fairly basic – or so it’s thought. Push-ups are actually pretty tough, and if you overload a beginner

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Why Our Gym Has No Mirrors

It’s winter in New England, which means the sun sets extra early. It also means most of my work day at Cressey Sports Performance takes place after sunset. So the other day at about 6 p.m., I caught one of our

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Technique Tuesday: How Deep Should You Squat? Part 2

how deep should you squat

In part 1 of this multi-part series that answers the question, “How deep should you squat?” I discussed how your training goals will influence how deep you need to squat. This week’s Technique Tuesday dives further into the physical limitations that

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Positive Self-Talk for Instant Strength Gains

build confidence

Have you ever been so in the zone that you felt unstoppable? Or so flustered that you couldn’t perform the simplest of tasks, no matter how hard you tried? We’ve all been on either end of this performance spectrum. We

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The Dangers of Feedback Dependency

Being alone sucks. My fiance has been gone all week visiting family in Vermont and she took our dog with her. It’s just me and the cat, and she’s not much for conversation besides demanding food at 5 a.m. and

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The Journey from Novice to Elite: A Female Powerlifter’s Perspective

Today’s guest post is from my sister, Alex Bonvechio. Alex has been competing in powerlifting for almost 2 years now and will take a crack at an elite total at 148 pounds in October. Here’s her take on how she went

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The 7 Most Dangerous Words You Can Say

I’m still riding the high of yesterday’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar with Greg Robins and Miguel Aragoncillo. We had an enthusiastic group of lifters who came in willing to learn and ready to crush some heavy weight. We forced

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