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Technique Tuesday: Lowering the Bar During the Sumo Deadlift

I cover sumo deadlifts in part two of this Technique Tuesday series on how to lower the bar back to the floor. Sumo is tricky for several reasons, and getting back into the right position for each successive rep takes

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Technique Tuesday: Lowering the Bar during the Conventional Deadlift

I had an online client email me the other day and ask, “How should I put the bar back down after each rep of my deadlifts?” I stared at the screen blankly for a second, thinking, “Isn’t it obvious?” Then

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Women’s Powerlifting Roundtable: Building a 300 Pound Deadlift

300 pound deadlift

Nearly every female lifter I’ve ever coached has come to me with the same goal: hit a 300 pound deadlift. Along with Strength House founder Greg Robins, we’ve had the pleasure of coaching some incredibly strong ladies, many of whom

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Technique Tuesday: Troubleshooting the 1-Leg RDL

1-leg RDL

Single leg exercises are a staple in our programming at Cressey Sports Performance. Whether you’re a baseball player, powerlifter or just want to move better, single leg work builds coordination and stability where you need it most. The 1-leg Romanian

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Deadlift Edition)

between sets

Usually I prefer to cry in the corner by myself between sets of deadlifts (it’s historically been the most challenging of the powerlifts for me), but this week’s Technique Tuesday covers what to do between sets of heavy pulls. Our primary

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Technique Tuesday: SSB Pin Squats to Build Your Deadlift

pin squats

This week’s Technique Tuesday covers one of my favorite deadlift assistance exercises: pin squats with the Safety Squat Bar. It’s tough to train the deadlift frequently without getting worn out or beat up. SSB pin squats have solid carryover to the

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8 Lessons from My First 600 Pound Deadlift


A few weeks ago, I hit my first 600-pound deadlift. Although far from a world-class number, it’s a big milestone for me. It was my first triple-bodyweight pull and marked a long road of retooling my deadlift from awful to

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