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Technique Tuesday: Making Squats More Joint Friendly

When it comes to pain during squats, most people think knees, hips and lower back. But what if back squats bug your shoulders and elbows? Traditional low-bar back squatting can make these joints pretty cranky over time, especially if you’re

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Technique Tuesday: How and When to Flare the Elbows During the Bench Press

You can learn a lot from the spotter’s point of view during the bench press. The problem? You can’t spot yourself! This week’s Technique Tuesday takes things from a different angle to show you how and when to flare your

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10 Tips for Cranky Elbows, Part 2

In the first half of this post, we talked about five ways to avoid or minimize elbow pain in a strength training program. Wrist straps, thick bars, forearm exercises, gymnast rings and good pressing technique can all help with elbow

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