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Technique Tuesday: 2 Unconventional Uses for the Trap Bar

trap bar

The trap bar is a fantastic tool to build strength for almost anyone. Team sport athletes and general fitness enthusiasts especially can use it as their go-to strength builder. Unfortunately, the trap bar has limited carryover to powerlifting. It’s too far removed from

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4 Ways to Sneak More Upper Back Volume into Your Workouts

A strong upper back is arguably THE most important physical attribute for any strength endeavor. You can have monstrously strong legs, but without a strong back, you’ll never squat or deadlift impressive weight. And no matter how big your arms are

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – 7 Farmer’s Walk Variations for Improved Core Strength

Pick up something heavy. Carry it around. Put it down. Rest. Repeat. Can something this simple be too good to be true? Not in this case. Farmer’s walks build head-to-toe strength and coordination in a way that other weight room

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Best Articles of 2014… and an Announcement!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an article. Between spending time with family over Christmas and making a career move, writing has been on the back burner. Which leads me to an announcement… At the end of my

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7 Rules for Effective “Metcon” Workouts, Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of this post outlined seven rules for metcon workouts to help you burn fat, increase work capacity and improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Here’s a quick recap: Pick simple exercises Use full body movements

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