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5 Reasons to NOT Train Like an Athlete

I’m incredibly fortunate to get to train high-level athletes every day. I can’t help but be insanely proud every time I watch a client play on TV or in person. It’s easy to get excited about pro athletes, but let’s not

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How Lifting Helped Me Get Engaged

Today’s guest post is by my sister, Alex Bonvechio. It’s made me so proud to watch Alex embrace the sport of powerlifting to the point that training has gone from something she HAS to do to something she WANTS to

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20 Frustrated Fitness Thoughts

The other day, I sat down to write a blog and 30 minutes later had written two lousy sentences. That’s frustrating. Frustration is part of progress. I get frustrated every day. With myself, with others. But frustration isn’t bad. Frustration

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4 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make when Trying to Gain Weight

On a daily basis, I’m asked by at least one skinny high school athlete, “How do I gain weight?” Miguel Aragoncillo and I have often joked that we just need to lock these guys in Chipotle and not let them

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The Trend is Dead: 8 Fitness Trends that Didn’t Pan Out, Part 1

“It’s digging time again You’re nurturing the weakest trend” – Pantera, The Great Southern Trendkill Indisputably one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, Pantera weathered the storm through dozens of music trends. Glam rock, grunge and hip hop

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Posted in Lists – Weightlifting for Sprinters: Why You Need to Get Strong

<<CLICK HERE to read full article>> Want to get fast? So does everybody else. But unless you’re genetically gifted with a sprinter’s body and muscle fiber arrangement, you’d better get in the weight room if you want to maximize your

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5 Strategies to Crush Your Workout if You’re Crunched for Time

I’ve had some bad habits over the years, but perhaps the worst was always telling everyone how busy I was. “How are you?” people would ask. “Good, but I’m SO busy,” I’d respond, my words grasping desperately for sympathy. I’m

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