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4 Warm Up Mistakes You’re Probably Making

warm up mistakes

The warm up is the salad of exercise. It’s not very exciting, but you know it’s good for you and you should probably have it before you get to the meat and potatoes. Luckily, with the increased popularity of functional training, a

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Technique Tuesday: How Deep Should You Squat? Part 2

how deep should you squat

In part 1 of this multi-part series that answers the question, “How deep should you squat?” I discussed how your training goals will influence how deep you need to squat. This week’s Technique Tuesday dives further into the physical limitations that

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How to Warm Up in 10 Minutes or Less

I had a good talk with a friend of mine the other day on my drive home. My former training partner and roommate during grad school, we were both pretty darn strong, but couldn’t be more different. He was simple, I

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How I Cured My Squat Woes (so You Can Too) – Part 3

Here’s the bad news: I had so many problems with my squat that I could break them into a 3-part article series (read part 1 and part 2 here). Here’s the good news: I fixed most of them and want

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ThePTDC – How to Design Better Warm Ups for Small Group Training Programs

We’re best known for training baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance, so not everyone knows that we also run a kickass bootcamp-style group exercise program called CSP Strength Camps. I credit much of my growth as a coach to shadowing Strength

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Squat depth is a funny thing. When people start lifting, they usually squat high. They don’t know how low they’re supposed to go, or they’re scared if they go too low, they won’t be able to stand back up. Then,

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Best of 2014: Videos

The next installment of my Best of 2014 series is a collection of my top-viewed videos of the year. I’m certainly at no risk of going viral like Charlie the Unicorn but with my partnership with STACK Media, my videos

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