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Technique Tuesday: 3 Reasons to Deadlift Barefoot

deadlift barefoot

We have almost all our athletes deadlift barefoot at Cressey Sports Performance. Barring some sort of foot/ankle injury, we lose our shoes in lieu of stocking feet so we can achieve better overall deadlift mechanics. This week’s Technique Tuesday gives

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The Novice Raw Lifter’s Guide to Supportive Gear

Not all wearable accessories are created equal. Some are purely fashionable, others are strictly functional. Some are functional and fashionable, like a fanny pack. Wait, what? Well, lucky for you accessory dorks, powerlifting is all about the gear. Powerlifters wear more gadgets than

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Best Articles of 2014… and an Announcement!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an article. Between spending time with family over Christmas and making a career move, writing has been on the back burner. Which leads me to an announcement… At the end of my

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Training Footwear 101

Gym attire is a funny thing. Guys stress over what Nike or Under Armour shirt is gonna make them looked jacked. Girls lose sleep over which pair of Lululemon leggings will make us sneak a peak at their butt (joke’s

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What’s In Your Gym Bag? 10 Training Tools Everyone Should Have – Part 1

A look inside someone’s gym bag can tell you a lot about a person. Whenever I see someone walk into a gym completely empty handed, I’m blown away. First, I’m amazed and impressed that they can take such a minimalist

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