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Technique Tuesday: How to Use Your Glutes During the Squat Setup


The glutes play a vital role in a proper squat. They’re involved in extension, external rotation and internal rotation of the hip, all of which happen at some point during the squat. They also posteriorly tilt the pelvis, which is

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Technique Tuesday: Nordic Hamstring Curls

nordic hamstring curls

The Glute Ham Raise might be the ultimate lower body accessory exercise, but if you don’t have the equipment, Nordic Hamstring Curls are your best bet. This week’s Technique Tuesday shows you how to set up and execute this brutal

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Technique Tuesday: SSB Exercises for Lower Body Hypertrophy

lower body hypertrophy

Last week, we discussed how to use the Safety Squat Bar to build the deadlift. This week, I’ll show you how I like to use the SSB for lower body hypertrophy training. Can’t you just use a barbell to build big

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Technique Tuesday: 2 Ways to Make the Glute Ham Raise Harder without Adding Weights

The glute ham raise is one of my favorite lower body accessory exercises to build the hamstrings. If your gym has a GHR, chances are you’re in a good gym (but if not, read this). A lot of strong lifters can’t

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Technique Tuesday: How to do Glute Ham Raises for Stronger Squats and Deadlifts

I’m a day late with this week’s Technique Tuesday but it’s worth it because I talk about my favorite lower body accessory exercise of all time: glute ham raises. Nothing trains your glutes, hamstrings and lower back while taking pressure off your

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MyFitnessPal: 4 Simple Exercise Tweaks for Stronger Glutes

stronger glutes

By now, you probably know the best exercises for stronger glutes. Squats, deadlifts, swings, lunges, hip thrusts… these are not new ideas. But if you’ve ever coached them or done them yourself, you know that sometimes your quads or your

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MyFitnessPal: 5 Moves for a Stronger Lower Back

Lower-back pain is a problem for thousands of people, athletes and average Joe’s alike. That said, building a stronger lower back can be problematic, especially if you’re hurting. But to lift big weights, you need a strong lower back, right?

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