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The Strength House Podcast – Episode 2: Green vs. The Substance


In episode 2 of the Strength House podcast, Greg and I discuss common technique and programming mistakes for the squat, bench press and deadlift. We also taste two top notch New England IPAs from Tree House and Bissell Brothers. Stream

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The Strength House Podcast – Episode 1: Sip of Sunshine vs. Focal Banger


It’s here – the first episode of the Strength House podcast is live and available for streaming and download! In this episode, Greg Robins and I discuss how we got to where we are now as coaches and lifters. We

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Optimizing the Big 3: August 14 at Cressey Sports Performance

optimizing the big 3

I’m pumped to announce that Greg Robins and I will be hosting a one-day Optimizing the Big 3 powerlifting seminar at Cressey Sports Performance on Sunday, August 14. If you’ve been wanting to get hands-on coaching from Greg and myself, now’s

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Seminar Update: Optimizing the Big 3 in Santa Cruz, CA

Optimizing the Big 3

It’s official: this summer, Greg Robins and I are hitting the road to take our Optimizing the Big 3 powerlifting seminar to Santa Cruz, California. We’ll be taking our squat, bench press and deadlifting wisdom to the West Coast for

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The 7 Most Dangerous Words You Can Say

I’m still riding the high of yesterday’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar with Greg Robins and Miguel Aragoncillo. We had an enthusiastic group of lifters who came in willing to learn and ready to crush some heavy weight. We forced

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Posted in Rants – Beat Your Bench Press Sticking Point

In anticipation of this weekend’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar, I wrote a guest blog for Greg Robins over at the Strength House. It’s all about how to address your bench press sticking point with technique tweaks and accessory exercises.

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Seminars Update: Optimizing the Big 3 and CSP Fall Seminar

Clear your schedules, folks. I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at three seminars over the next few months. OPTIMIZING THE BIG 3 After a tremendous experience and great turnout at the seminar this past March, I’m beyond

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