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The Problem with Most Biceps Exercises

Guns. Pythons. Pipes. Whatever you call them, there’s no denying that big biceps are perhaps the most coveted physical quality in the strength training world. For every person squatting or deadlifting in the average gym, there are 10 people ripping

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Exercise Creativity Gone Wrong

Coaches and trainers are always seeking ways to add variety into training programs. It’s easy to stick with the same exercises and just change sets, reps and exercise order. But to really keep things interesting, you’ve gotta get creative. Too

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10 Tips for Cranky Elbows, Part 1

I was pretty lucky during my college baseball career that I never suffered any of the “traditional” baseball injuries (rotator cuff, labrum, UCL, etc.). Minus a strained oblique during the first week of my senior season (an injury that is

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