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Do More Pull-Ups with these 3 Advanced Workouts

do more pull-ups

It seems like every article on pull-ups is about how to go from zero reps to one, but what about those of us trying to do MORE pull-ups? Sometimes, straight sets and reps can be boring or unproductive if you’re

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Technique Tuesday: Chest Supported Rows for Upper Back Strength

This week’s Technique Tuesday continues to focus on assistance exercises to increase your powerlifts, and no other exercise builds upper body strength quite like chest support rows. Upper back strength is paramount for all three powerlifts. You hold the bar

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4 Ways to Sneak More Upper Back Volume into Your Workouts

A strong upper back is arguably THE most important physical attribute for any strength endeavor. You can have monstrously strong legs, but without a strong back, you’ll never squat or deadlift impressive weight. And no matter how big your arms are

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Technique Tuesday: How and When to Flare the Elbows During the Bench Press

You can learn a lot from the spotter’s point of view during the bench press. The problem? You can’t spot yourself! This week’s Technique Tuesday takes things from a different angle to show you how and when to flare your

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Technique Tuesday: Band-Distracted Deadlifts for Stronger Lats and Hamstrings

Does the bar drift away from you during deadlifts? It’s a problem that I see tons of lifters (myself included) struggle with. You’ll never fully utilize the push from your legs or keep your back straight if the bar doesn’t

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Technique Tuesday – Shoulder Position During the Deadlift

This week’s Technique Tuesday explains the proper shoulder position during the deadlift. There’s a lot of confusion about what to do with the upper back and shoulders to lift maximum weight, and I’m here today to clear up that confusion. Spoiler

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The Last Word on Lats


The fitness world is exceptionally prone to the overreaction/under-reaction phenomenon. That is, fitness-minded people often fall victim to an all-or-nothing view of certain foods, exercises or training methodologies. Remember how scary dietary fat was in the 80’s? How about evil

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